A deceased mother challenges a brilliant nurse from beyond the grave to uncover a century-old family mystery. She eventually triumphs over tragedy at immense personal cost

Love's Time

​On receiving a mysterious packet from BEYOND the grave, Enya Raffetty embarks on a mission to learn more about her family’s origins.
She travels to the mystifying OutBack town of Brolga where her great grandfather began the family heritage.
Settling in at the old family homestead, she discovers a photo album from far back in time which entices her to visit their isolated graveyard.
Without any care of an approaching thunderstorm, Enya walks up onto the hill behind the house. Standing in the rain, she gets hit by a bolt of lightning.
That evening in 1899, she is found unconscious by Lockland Dawson, a handsome Jackaroo landowner, who is fascinated by her.
A nurse is hired to tend for the injured stranger at Lock’s Kooyong Homestead property.
Eventually, Enya needs to confess her knowledge to Lock and her nurse Linda. Although this is confusing, it sums up her differences.
Lock has fallen in love with Enya and is troubled she will disappear in the same manner she mysteriously arrived. This book has, suspense, drama, happiness, sorrow, faith, and love, down through the ages.

Spirit Warrior

Very few can see into the spiritual realm of good and evil.
Serenity Charles is a young woman given that special gift of spiritual vision. With it, she commits to fight off the powers of wickedness.

Her spiritual eyes are open to see evil deceit, and she observes demons that live within humans causing destructive behavior.
Wearing a sacred armor, Serenity (Rena), goes into battle to protect those who the demons would coldly harm or annihilate. With her shield she is protected from their flaming darts while using her sword of the Word, she cuts them asunder sending them screaming. 

​Three of Gods Waring Angels, Avigdor, Ariel, and Akim, are her guardians and collaborators, supporting her to accomplish a victory.
Aiden Baker, a mining boss, meets and is apparently taken by Rena’s beauty. He fights his attraction for her by either ignoring or voicing his reluctance to pursue a promising relationship. Will this angry man remain stubborn or will he chase Rena when she leaves town to return to her birthplace?


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 Discovering Treasure #1 Vision Valley


What was so disturbing, to make famous model Treasure Gilroy leave a brilliant career behind in Paris, to seek a new  beginning? The most significant sadness in Treasure’s life was that her parents had no time for her, their only child. There had to be a reason, yet what could it be?
Traveling back to Australia and her family’s beginnings, shameful secrets are revealed in disturbing information. An old letter left for her to read, after her aunt’s death.
Connor Latham, a World War 1 retired fighter pilot, is now the family lawyer, given the job of delivering this letter. He feels Treasures distress and lends her his support.
They alternately fall in love, yet Connor does not believe they have a future together. His war injuries have left him wearing a leg prosthesis. Is there any way he will change his mind?
Treasure discovers Jesus as her
savor and the happiness of life living in a country town. 

Forbidden Fruit Temptation #2 Vision Valley


Declan must deny the woman he has found once more, after years of youthful separation. In his adolescence, he made a serious promise and now he sees it will take him away from her love forever. Being a man of integrity he must keep his word.

What is the promise? To whom did he make it and why?
Silva is the woman of his dreams, how can he place her second to an unfair pledge.

Declan has broken her heart; she feels she will never get over his loss. What can she do? She turns to the highest power there is and begins to pray. Not ordinary prayer but Spiritual Warfare. Continous prayer.



Fully covered from head to toe in the shapeless apparel of the Muslim faith Yasmin Dupont despises her life and the forced endurance. Living with her father who is rarely home and a stepmother who enjoys to torment her, she makes a desperate escape from this bondage.

With careful planning and a change of name, Yasmin flees her misery under cover of darkness.  Can her escape succeed? Or will she be HUNTED DOWN, kidnapped, and punished? 

After running away, she discovers a life of freedom, kindness, friendship, and acceptance. Never could she imagine in her wildest dreams the adventures that lay before her.

Romance blooms with the gorgeously handsome head of emergency Doctor. Roan Butler, who she captivates at first sight. But can he protect Yasmin from the thugs hired to find her?